Hand Therapy

Certified Hand Therapists are available on staff to provide specialized care for diagnoses related to the upper extremity (shoulder, arm, elbow, forearm, wrist, hand).

Certified Hand Therapists are either occupational or physical therapists who go through rigorous training and must pass a credentialing process and exam that usually take 3-5 years to attain. They are credentialed by the Hand Therapy Certification Commission https://www.htcc.org/.

Our occupational therapists have their advanced practice in hand therapy as well as physical agent modalities and are under the mentorship of the Certified Hand Therapists.

Treatment usually includes the use of modalities (heat pack/cold pack, ultrasound, electrical stimulation), scar management, manual therapy (soft tissue mobilization, tool assisted soft tissue mobilization), therapeutic exercises, education about home exercise programs, education about ergonomics, adaptive techniques or tools to enable participation in activities of daily living or work tasks.

Custom splints/orthotics can be made on-site. Pre-fabricated splints are available for purchase.